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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Let's Be Better-Than-Nothings

“So much ink has been spilled deriding the false concept of a ‘Facebook friend,’ but I can tell you that a ‘Facebook friend’ is better than nothing.”

So declared Paul Miller this week upon ending a year-long self-imposed exile from the internet.

“No duh!” declared many of us on the autism spectrum. Indeed, some of us base an entire social life on Better Than Nothing!

So to celebrate the end of Paul's communication shutdown, I present an ode to a few other things that are Better Than Nothing.

Discussing your day with a pen pal.

Your comment on that “Parks & Recreation” recap gets one Like from some random dude.

Being named a #followfriday for “Awesome.”

The “guru” invites you to join their network.

Favoriting a celebrity’s tweet.

Friend emails to say, “Saw this meme and thought of you!”

Do you have a favorite Better-Than-Nothing? Join the funfest and share in the comments.