Thoughts and illustrations on living on the autism spectrum.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Maledicam de Spectro

In the chill of the night, as dark as can be, 
A haunted spirit wells up within me...
When that ol’ spotlight shines a little too bright,
When my sensory supper plate overflows with weight,
Spooks a-poppin’! In my face, no stoppin’.
And I feel I begin to change...

My fingers, they twitch. My speech, it garbles. My frenzied brain ‘bout to lose its marbles.
Can’t hide my confusion, gotta let out a growl,
What had been invisible, now announced with a howl!

Behold the cacodemon! Raw exposed nerves,
Provoked by a world that intrudes and swerves. 
I must scream, must jabber, must flap, must curse!
Must throw, must blather, must sputter, and worse!
And all I encounter will flee with fright,
Till I’ve time to recover, like daybreak from night.
So beware overwhelming my atypical mind,
Lest I flip like a switch from Jekyll to Hyde.

Though my curse brings me secret delight, you see:
For one fleeting moment, ‘tis they who fear me!