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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Delaware’s Group Home Dilemma

The possible closure of Delaware’s residential treatment services for autistic children has parents worried for how their kids’ needs will be met. The Delaware Autism Program, a service offered through the school district, is proposing to eliminate overnight stays at its group homes because it is not properly licensed to operate a residential program. The usage of the homes has evolved beyond their intended purpose, creating a liability issue.

However, parents say the services make a world of difference in teaching basic life skills, and do not want to see the program end. Advocacy organization Autism Delaware agrees, and says something else will need to take the place of the homes if they close. Whether the residential services could be put up for bid to a new provider, or be replaced by less expensive home-based services, are questions that will need to be considered. And, where the funding would come from.

This is a complex problem that won’t be easily solved, but for the sake of the families who need these services, I hope a solution can be found. Do you have any thoughts on what should be done?

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  1. A special 24 hour daycare type facility that caters to autistic children? With connections to a local, well known, and beneficial hospital and/or doctor - all known for something such as their work with autistic children. An on call doctor with experience in treating the issues that frequently occur with such children...

    If I have more ideas, I'll swing back by and post. I do hope some type of compromise is reached somehow.