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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Evolution T-Shirts Are Here!

The results are in, and your votes chose the winning design for my next T-shirt!

Actually, the results were so close, I decided to choose the top TWO designs! So now you can show off your Aspie pride with a cartoon from my Autism and Evolution post:

Neurotypical is My Second Language

No Evolution Without Autism

And if you voted for one of the other two designs and are interested in it, just leave a comment or send me an email and I'll throw that up on Zazzle too! (I like all four.)

Choose from a variety of styles and colors to customize your own shirt.
  • A value T-shirt starts at only $15.85!
  • Get a ladies' casual scoop tee in 3 colors for $21.15!
  • A super-comfy Basic American Apparel shirt in 7 colors is yours for $26.45!
or one of the many other styles offered by Zazzle!

I wear my Dude shirt out in public, and it is fun, I must say. People be all like, "Move aside yo! Aspie comin' thru!" Okay, not really. But you should get one anyway.

Celebrate your different-ness and spread the word about this here blog. Thanks!


  1. I still want to get the 1-up in a shirt! I'll keep looking! Eventually you may have to get all the cartoons their own shirt!!

    Though you do have good designs for the ones you did pick... my personal favorite of the recent vote group would be the autistic genes and watching Fuzzy go 'whee'!


  2. 1-UP shirt? I can make that happen, Chris!

  3. By request, the 1-UP shirt is here!