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Sunday, September 4, 2011

How The Giraffe Came By His Name


  1. I still like "Stretch" - simple, single syllable, visually accurate. Meaningful, as in stretching to find answers, stretching out of the comfort zone, stretching to connect with others. Evokes a feeling of strength.

    Oh, well, it wasn't my call to make... so Baffle Giraffle it is. Kind of has a weak, negative connotation, though, doesn't it?

  2. Hi Bev, thanks for sharing this thought. I disagree that Baffle is negative or weak. My rule in naming characters is not to overthink, and to make it fun. Stretch, however logical it may be, is too conventional for my tastes.

    I like my characters to have many dimensions, and often that means a nonsensical and unexpected name. Consider Dinky Doughnuts - his name doesn't reflect his personality, but I chose it because I like saying it, and it just stuck. So was the case with Baffle. I predict 10-year olds will love it.

  3. I like it! My son was so tickled to see his idea there, too.

    You are a mensch!

  4. I like Baffle Giraffle too. Someone had suggested Algernon and I was kinda sweaty and nervous thinking you might choose that, because I have a stuffed mouse named Algernon who will be making his debut on my blog soon and then I would have felt like a thief. Phew.

  5. Thanks, brains - I still think Bellfonte on Tweed must be a place.

    Stimey, Algernon is all yours! I certainly would not compete with a stuffed mouse.

  6. Congrats to Baffle Giraffle!


  7. Baffle Giraffle? I like. Rhyme... I like it that way. Nonsensical, nothing but silliness... perfect!!


  8. wow great chouse i defintly aprove i love it :) were wolf


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