Thoughts and illustrations on living on the autism spectrum.

Sunday, October 16, 2011



  1. awesome story... made me laugh out loud.


  2. Made me laugh, too. and liked the timing. You know, the pause before Fuzzy agrees.

  3. Yes, it's a surprisingly thought-provoking question, isn't it?

  4. Dragon for sure!
    Living in a half fantasy world is my Aspie M.O.
    BTW, Matt great profile pic.

  5. Thanks Niko! Then again, some Aspies are so logical they have trouble with fantasy. I think Fuzzy falls into that category.

  6. You know, Dude, my son had that same timing in his cartoons that he used to do as a child.


    That's why I loved his cartoons.

    You asked recently what one could do to be more at ease in this world. I take like 5mg of an anti-anxiety medication, where the typical is 20 mg. I've found it eases my emotions to feel slightly drunk all the time. I'm hoping enough time has passed that no one reads this but you, ha!

    By the way, Ben loves your stuff and looks forward to your new comics, which I pass on. He thinks you're funny and cool. Just so you know...

  7. LOL brains... just a pinch, huh? I dunno... self-medication isn't for me. Don't try this at home, kids... XD

    Hi Ben, I'm glad you enjoy my comics, and I hope you publish yours sometime so I can read them!