Thoughts and illustrations on living on the autism spectrum.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Square and Round

Square, you’re oddly shaped,
You don’t fit in there.
Round would be best to fill this role,
But since you’re here, you’ll have to do.
It may not be fair, Square, but we’ll make do.

You may not be aware, Square,
Of the way Round did it before you,
And how easy it came,
But surely you can do the same.
Not to compare, Square, but you’ve big shoes to fill.

Square, you have useful functions,
But very little flair.
Always strive to be more well-Rounded.
Or stay in your corner. Prefer solitaire?
See if I care, Square. Suit yourself.

Square, you’re rough around the edges.
Round rolls with everything that comes his way.
Not to put you down,
For not bein’ Round.
You’ve got too many sides there, Square. Just sayin’.

Round bounces back so easily,
When you fail, Square, you just sit and stare.
Don’t make excuses, just say you’re sorry.
It’s not your fault you were born a Square,
Just your burden to bear.

Your ways confuse me, Square,
Disrupt the flow.
You don’t sound like Round.
Hard to figure you out.
Can’t you act less impaired, Square? Just askin’.

You don’t like what I say, Square?
Defy me if you dare.
A three Round Square-off!
Are you down? Didn’t think so.
So don’t complain, Square. Deal.

No place for rebels here, Square.
We’ll break your spirit, Round off those edges…
No, what have you done?
It’s not possible!
You’ve broken the mold, and done it better
Than all who came before.
And now, no Round can never fill your shoes.
Well done, then. A Round of applause for you,
The perfect Square.