Thoughts and illustrations on living with Asperger's Syndrome.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Maledicam de Spectro

In the chill of the night, as dark as can be, 
A haunted spirit wells up within me...
When that ol’ spotlight shines a little too bright,
When my sensory supper plate overflows with weight,
Spooks a-poppin’! In my face, no stoppin’.
And I feel I begin to change...

My fingers, they twitch. My speech, it garbles. My frenzied brain ‘bout to lose its marbles.
Can’t hide my confusion, gotta let out a growl,
What had been invisible, now announced with a howl!

Behold the cacodemon! Raw exposed nerves,
Provoked by a world that intrudes and swerves. 
I must scream, must jabber, must flap, must curse!
Must throw, must blather, must sputter, and worse!
And all I encounter will flee with fright,
Till I’ve time to recover, like daybreak from night.
So beware overwhelming my atypical mind,
Lest I flip like a switch from Jekyll to Hyde.

Though my curse brings me secret delight, you see:
For one fleeting moment, ‘tis they who fear me!


  1. Great job with the rhyming! I really enjoyed it and its pretty cool getting to see how cool and creative your mind can be.Your ideas are very insightful to me and are helping bring out my creative side!

    1. Thanks Andrew! It was not supposed to rhyme when I started it, but then once a few lines did, they all wanted to... hehe...

  2. awesome! i love the last line the best...


  3. This is great! I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. overload-meltdown perfectly expressed.