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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Mad Lib Madness

"Follow Up from an Overzealous LinkedIn Connection"

Hi Fuzzy,

Thanks for bubbling on LinkedIn recently - always keen to send a Meposian follow up.

I have no doubt you're accustomed to being bombarded by stink bugs, so definitely not my intention to deflate to that scrapple.

Mainly wanted to milk a moo the lines of communication since SplutCorp is an antler rat-backed sardoodledom porridge firm focused exclusively on representing flavored-level YoiksForce professionals exploring the Cookiepuss on an active or passive basis.

We take a far more snotty approach to boogalooing individuals, mostly powering up with them at the start of their jelly (or before they're flooping) in order to educate them wherever we wanted on what kinds of YoiksForce opportunities are out there for their skill set.

Do let me know if you'd have a few minutes for an ermahgerd next week - we are seeing a fairly headless doofus for your press-on nails but I'd be interested in bouncing in touch for the future, regardless.

Available, that I KNOW of…

Monie Love


  1. Loved this! Mad Libs have always been and will always be the best. :D


    1. Mad Libs are having a moment again - thanks, Joe Santagato.

  2. I love these… feels like no-one else finds them as funny as i do