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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Dude Do's & Don'ts

A style guide for drawing your favorite Dude, I’m An Aspie characters! 

The preferred way to draw Fuzzy is in half-profile or profile. Facing head-on is discouraged, unless a doofy look is desired.
In half-profile, the eyes overlap, with the front eye in full view and the other behind it. The nose never overlaps the eyes. In profile, only one eye is visible. In either position, first draw three hair tufts facing forward, then the rest in the other direction.
Make Fuzzy’s nose big, but don’t go overboard. Think of his face blowing a balloon.
Pupil size and placement is the key to Fuzzy’s expression. All the specificity of emotion is in the pupils and eyelids. Use pinpoint dots in general, and exaggerated pupil shapes when called for.
Fuzzy’s arms can disappear. Give him arms only when action dictates.
Also, his mouth often disappears. Give him a minimal mouth only when needed for expression, and place it over top of his body. For outrageous expressions, you can give him a wide open mouth by adding a lower jaw.
Fuzzy has no neck or torso, so sometimes his head functions as his entire upper body.
Other characters start with similar eyes, and a snout. Unlike Fuzzy’s nose, center the snout under the eyes.
Dinky is a “floor dog.” Head-on, you can see only his head, tail, and top of his butt. In profile, his front and rear paws are both in the back – think of him having an extra-long neck, rather than a long torso. BUT – when walking (on all fours), his front legs go under his head. Physics!
Dinky’s ears flop down unless conveying a strong emotion. (And then, you can see his paws.)
Squishy Bird is plump, with a head shaped like an egg, and body like a larger egg. Always give him a mischievous glint in the eyes, and avoid drawing his beak open.
Scentsor’s head is a series of curves for his helmet, then sharp points for his ears and snout. Give his body a forward lean, and then a tail as large as the rest of him. Keep his snout separate from the rest of his body.
Now you are ready to draw like a boss. Have fun!


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