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Sunday, October 3, 2010



What words do you like to perseverate on?


  1. I'm with the dog. I like cinnamon! Much more fun to say it long like than type it that way though.

  2. P'raps I am not 'sufficiently Aspie' to perseverate, but I find many words fun. Cous-cous is a good one, as is banananananananana! :)

  3. "flabbergasted"..."quark"..."Fionnghuala"...

    I actually get more absorbed by etymologies and constructions of words... and typography... I love the letter Q....

    I don't technically qualify for a diagnosis of Asperger's, but I almost do, and on some days I am right there! I like to say that I dance on and around the line....

  4. Many of the vocalizations I pick up on are not even words! ;_;
    It's actually a bit remarkable that I can point at something and chirp and my mother can understand me. ^_^; (I'm 24 years old and I chirp?!)
    And then I start re-transliterating foreign languages with which I have a passing familiarity and getting into awkward cross-linguistic puns. The catfolk in one of my many unfinished tales have their own conlang argot made up of words from unrelated languages that happen to sound too much like "meow" to be distinguished by outsiders.
    That had nothing to do with the original topic, did it? -_-

    I also don't know how autistic or neurotypical any of this is. I just know none of my acquaintances seem to do it much...

    ~Violet Black