Thoughts and illustrations on living on the autism spectrum.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


NT invited to dinner

Leonardo's Tavern?
I’m in!
See you then!

Aspie invited to dinner

At 8?
Hmm. I should get out and socialize.
It would be good for me.
Maybe this will work.
Am I doing anything else that day?
... No.

But, maybe there’s something better going on?
Let’s check, I wouldn’t want to miss out…
No, nothing else.
“Leonardo’s Tavern.”
Hm, never been there before.
Let’s check the Web site.
What’s on their menu?
Hmm – I could have fish and chips,
or the putanesca looks okay,
but I could probably get any of this stuff anywhere else…

Let’s see who’s coming…
11 people said Yes.
Hmm, from their photos, not exactly my kind of people…
Will I have anything to talk to them about?
Probably not…
What would I have to wear?
Casual attire… that’s good.
I’d have to pick out an outfit though,
I’d want to make a good impression…

Where is this place?
Let’s check Google Maps…
Hmm, yes, I think I could manage that…
Let me just simulate it with street view,
I wouldn’t want to get lost…
“Quaint country setting,” it says.
Oh, I like that.
But it’s a tavern, that’s like a bar.
Will it be loud?

Loud people and bar food…
“Entertainment nightly.”
Oh, that’s not good – that means noise.
Let’s see what yelp has to say…
Hmm, this person gave it one star.
Didn’t like the ketchup…
That’s not good…

One hour later...

Erm, I just don’t feel right about this…
It would be nice to get out,
but, I don’t think this is the time…
That’s what I’ll do,
I’ll wait for the next one.

What shall I do tonight?


  1. It is so true-I feel quite a bit sad after reading that because it happens to me and is so true.

  2. Uh oh, that sounds so very much like me and I thought it was just my son who was the Aspie of the family! ;) Guess he had to get those traits from someone, right?

    Great post Matt! Hope you had a wonderful weekend.


  3. Oh man, Matt, you have me nailed in the toon!
    This toon and the one before and the ... well ... way too often!
    You always make me smile and laugh at myself. Thanks!

  4. That is sooo true. I will have to check out the rest of your blog posts!

  5. Oh brilliant yes, I do that now for my girls and usually in the end it is easier for us to all stay at home because the preparation overwhelms us all.

  6. Yep, you nailed it! I'm laughing, remembering the time I was looking at Yelp reviews just to go get a simple cup of coffee.

  7. What did we do before we had all this information at our fingertips?

  8. This is definitely me. Throw in "Hope there is enough parking!" lol.

  9. I go through this every time I try to make plans to go anywhere! I usually just end up staying home too.

  10. Hi guys,

    This is "so" my son, and I both laugh and cry when I see this as I both understand his struggle, but also recognize the "not-so- understanding-what-is-wrong-with you-why-can't-you-just-be-as-anyone-else" side of it. And what makes me so sad is the people who think we just should "adjust" so we could be like anyone else despite we aren't. I'm sad because of the socíety and codes we live within, but mostly upon "their part". Nevertheless I'm so so proud of my son, who is the most honest and loving person I've ever met, and I can not do anything but to try my best to be the second to him.

  11. Thanks for sharing, #11 - you describe very well the viewpoint from inside and outside.