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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wishing on a Status


  1. thanks, Matt, this is sad, but beautiful. I hear you and you aren't alone.

  2. Beautifully put. I often find myself in need of the services of the great cosmic turtle in the sky. I imagine my Aspie husband does as well, especially when we find it difficult to talk to each other. Thanks for this. I think the turtle is my new mascot.

  3. That was very beautiful and sad and hit so close to home I had to cry-I have people ignoring me in person and online lately for some reason and one is another aspie I thought was a friend and a friend in real life but now its like this person goes out of the way to avoid me-and I have no idea what I did-why is it like this for us-I want to know-I want friends very much and a relationship very much but it never seems to work out or it is so difficult and I am so socially disabled and painfully shy.Sorry to vent but I am real lonely right now and feeling very hurt too.

  4. Thank you all.

    Melynn, I think you are right, whether we put our faith in a Turtle or anything else, as long as we have faith that someone/something is listening.

    C.R., I am sorry you feel that way and I feel for you. I hope it gets better. Keep putting it out there to the universe.

  5. My status line is your link, bro'. Thanks.

  6. This was a beautiful post Matt. Very touching and so true. Thank you for posting this, it will give me something to think about while I am doing yoga and trying to send positive energy out into the universe. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Have a good week.


  7. You're welcome, Laura, and thank you for the positive energy.

  8. wow, you are really on a roll lately. This was particularly good and I hope it gets out to *everyone* who needs it, because it really is a universal thing. I have been at that place of the blinking cursor in the empty box, but lately it seems to be when I want to say the right thing that will help people like C.R. feel not so alone. Hopefully good thoughts that join the universe find their way to people who need them most.

    Thanks again, Matt, for speaking truth and wisdom.

    - Hanne

  9. It's ironic. When I first read this post, I found I was unable to comment. I just stared at the screen. What do I say? What should I say? Or did I even have anything to say at all?

    Not unlike your other posts - this one made sense to me. It was useful and truthful. I enjoyed reading it. And getting to re-read it helps me to understand it that much more (not that I didn't understand anything to begin with!).

    Indeed. I think I will have my b/f revisit this link soon. Not just this post but the blog in general. I send him links now and then and tell him how I feel they relate to me. I think it helps him understand me more.