Thoughts and illustrations on living on the autism spectrum.

Sunday, February 23, 2014


My name is Wabongo, and I'm a cool guy.

Everyone wants to be my bud.

I'm a decisive guy. I'm a go-getter.

I know how to deal with the loonies.

While everyone looks like this winter has withered their souls down to the bone, I look on the bright side!

I take chances. Live on the edge. Flirt with danger!

I'm anything but milquetoast.


  1. Ah, I see you are a true gamer. We are of one tribe, you and I. :) My Dad bought me my first computer so that he could game on it. My Mom bought me my first Nintendo so that she and Dad could play Zelda, Lolo and Mario on it while I was away at school. My first anniversary gift to my husband was a Nintendo 64 with a James Bond 1st person shooter game for him, and the newest Zelda game at the time for me.:) My son continues this tradition by playing Minecraft and app games on a notebook that sheds cheese pizza crumbs and occasionally a little koolaid when you tilt it sideways. Thank goodness for the new liquid proof keyboards. :)

    1. Thanks Beverly - the family that games together, stays together, eh? Role-playing isn't limited to games though. You can join a community and adopt any persona you want - start a Tumblr, a YouTube channel, whatever. So many places to be someone other than who you are in everyday life.

  2. Haha this is great! Really made me laugh :D I have an autistic - gamer/youtube watcher/history novel reading boyfriend so it really resonated with me too. Thanks!