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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Retro Mommy Blog, Part 2

Continuing our series on what mommy blogging might have looked like back when I was a young'un.

Saturday, December 14, 1985
8 Presents and 1 Happy Kid

Tonight was the 8th night of Hanukkah. The candles are burning down and the last presents have all been opened. Poohboy is watching over my shoulder as I write. He wants me to write about the presents he got. Why not? When in doubt about what to write, ask the 10 year old.

Okay, what did you get the first night? Silverbolt. Which one is he, a Transformer? I thought we had all of them. They keep making more. Oh, I see, it’s an Aerialbot. Well, as long as you’re happy. What’s that? You wish you got Modulok like your brother? Sigh… let’s just move on.

On the second night, you got Switchblade. That’s a plane too, right? Oh, that’s M.A.S.K., he says.

Night 3 was the 2nd Garfield Treasury. You seem unimpressed with that, Poohboy. But Garfield's your favorite! Well, yes, they’re the same Sunday strips you already have in your other Garfield books. No, Jim Davis doesn’t do new ones for it! We went through this with the 1st Treasury!

On night 4, you got the Garfield 1986 calendar, “Big Fat Hairy Dreams.” That one, you’re happy with? It has new content? Mazel tov.

On night 5 you got the Black Lion. That must be a Transformer. No? So how come your brothers also got lions, and they all go together to form a robot? Voltron? Good grief. Don’t roll your eyes at me, I don’t know how you keep them all straight.

Okay, what was night 6? Thunderhawk? You seemed happy with that. Another M.A.S.K.? Oh, this one’s the good guy. Poohboy’s singing the theme song now.

And on night 7, you got a $5 gift certificate to Captain Blue Hen. I know you’re excited about that. That’ll buy a whole stack of comic books. Can you go tomorrow? Ask your father.

And tonight, what did you get? Thundercracker? Is that like Thunderhawk? Oh, this one’s a Transformer. And a bad guy. And Thundercracker’s a plane, not a car… OK, I give up.

And you also got a Frizzly tonight. You haven’t stopped playing with that. It’s a little fuzzy worm with an invisible string you pull along behind you. So cute! I’m glad you like him. Thundercracker’s still in the box? Oh, okay. All in good time.

Thanks for helping me write tonight’s post, Poohboy! You have such a good memory. You remembered all your presents in exact order. Now, if you remember any of them in 25 years, that would really be impressive.

Okay Poohboy, you can go now. Mommy needs a break. Have you practiced your lines for the school play? Yes? Hmmm… I know! We can always sing another round of “Oh Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah…”

Yeah, he bolted out of here at that. And so did the Frizzly.

Well, it’s true what they say. The holidays are all about the kids, am I right? Tonight, mine are happy, and that means, so am I.

I hope the holidays bring you and your family everything that you wish for.

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Photo credits: mverde, Flickr Creative Commons. jquiz, Flickr Creative Commons


  1. I like these posts... the Garfield part was my favorite. Have you seen Garfield Without Garfield?

  2. Thanks Laura - yep, I've seen it. I would like to look inside that '86 calendar again.