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Friday, December 24, 2010


Several years ago I worked as a volunteer at my local Boys and Girls Club. I started a newspaper club in which we collected the kids’ poems, cartoons, and creative writing and printed it as a newspaper for everyone. It was called the Wazzup Weekly.

Here is a cartoon from December 2001 by 12 year old Tanei. I think you will recognize a character of mine dueting with a dog on a popular Christmas carol. Merry Christmas everyone!

Hey! You or your kids can draw your own Fuzzy cartoon. Share it on our Facebook page, and maybe I’ll post some here.


  1. Cute!

    I have this really autistic thing I like to do that kids often find funny where I start doing this, but just say "Like a lightbulb!" at the end of every line. Try it! It's fun! Like a lightbulb!