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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dude, It’s a T-Shirt!

Hey! Your favorite Aspie cartoon is now a T-shirt!

Are you an Aspie and proud of it? Now, you can shout it out loud, with your “Dude, I’m An Aspie” T-shirt.

What better way to show off your Aspie pride than with a Fuzzy cartoon from “Dude, I’m An Aspie?”

Choose from two designs:

“Take Me To Your Leader”

“I’m Not Weird, I’m Just Wired Differently!”
“Dude, I’m An Aspie,” is a fun and to-the-point way to say, “This is who I am!” Use it to start a conversation, make a fashion statement, or just to get a smile. Plus, you can show your support for, and its message of understanding for those on the autism spectrum.

With either design, you can choose from a variety of styles and colors to customize your own shirt.
  • Get a value T-shirt for only $15.85!
  • Go stylish with a baseball 3/4 sleeve raglan for $22.20!
  • A super-comfy Basic American Apparel shirt is yours for $26.45!
or one of the many other styles offered by Zazzle!

Don’t you wish it were as simple as wearing a shirt to explain your quirks? Well, this is the closest thing to it!

I already own two of these shirts myself, and I can tell you, they really look awesome. It's because of fans like you that my cartoons have the following that they do, and it's because of you that I've decided to put them on a shirt. So thank you for your support, and for helping me celebrate the launch of the "Dude, I'm An Aspie" store!


  1. Matt--

    I've been waiting for these! I'll add them to the thAutcast Zazzle store.

  2. Woo hoo! I didn't know you could do that, Landon - thanks!

  3. Hi, do you also ship to Europe? I'd love to have the shirt that explains "wiring differencies" ;).