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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Is It Because?


  1. I think my favorite part is the giraffe's expression in the last panel.

    LOVE this.

  2. I see a lot of these on Yahoo Q&A. Teenagers worried that whatever small, odd trait they exhibit is somewhere on the spectrum. Like your series here, very few are. But we hope the one who is gets the help they need.

    As always, Matt, great post!

  3. Stimey, my favorite is panel 6. I made many attempts at his snout, but it's still not quite the expression I was going for. This is the first time I've drawn this character, so maybe we'll see him again.

    Niko, very true. I think even the diagnosed ones do this, too, and not just the teenagers!

  4. Editor's note: I've changed the dialogue in panel 2 of this post, which originally used the example of "being messy." In some cases, this is actually AS-related, and so it was not the best example for this post.

  5. I am a father of an 8 year old Aspie. He was diagnosed at an early age, and we have raised him with such happiness.

    Still I worry for him. Questions come up in my head as I am sure they do any father. Will he have struggles with depression? Will he find a wife? Will he be a Father? Will he be bullied?

    Please understand I don't ask these questions to you the reader. Only time will tell. I know each situation and person is different. The questions above only define happiness if that is what my son truly desires in his life.

    Still, I have no doubts that he will be successful in what ever he goes after, but my hope is that he is happy when he gets it.

    I wouldn't change him for the world. Though as a father I wish I could go through the rough times for him.

    Thank you for your blog. I wanted to say that I think your site is about to blow up, but after reading your blogs I realize what kind of picture that puts in your head. So I will say that I think your site is about to become more popular. No proof, just a feeling I get.

  6. #5, thanks for this thoughtful comment. I know others have the same worries as you do for your son. I think the important thing, as you say, is that he is happy in what we goes after. Knowing all that you know about Asperger's already, when he's 8, puts you at a great advantage. There is so much information available today, and such an accessible online community to connect with, that I think you'll be well equipped to deal with whatever lies ahead.

    And as for this site "blowing up" - LOL, it certainly is, and I think there's a cartoon in there somewhere.

  7. Love your cartoons and dialogue, Matt! My son is an Aspie and he has a cartoon character he made up called "Hugo the Rock". He loves rocks and I often find them in the washing machine having fallen out of his pockets.

    To "Anonymous", I have the same fears you do. My son was diagnosed at age 8. He's now 11 and aside from some troubles in school (possibly due to laziness), he's doing great. I know he isn't going to be the typical 16 year old chomping at the bit to get his license and he'll probably live with me for a lot longer than his younger brother when he gets older, but that's ok. I too, wouldn't trade or change him for anything. He's the most loving, honest, polite boy you'll ever meet. I'm sure you know just what I mean because you have a boy just like him!

  8. Thanks Heather! I love the idea of Hugo the Rock. It's heartwarming to hear comments like yours that are full of acceptance and understanding.

  9. LOL, I've seen the same thing on Goth forums: I like such-and-such, is that Goth? I wear such-and-such, is that Goth? :)