Thoughts and illustrations on living with Asperger's Syndrome.

Sunday, November 6, 2011



  1. I love this!! And you're right... I know different people are affected in different ways and all, but that's how I feel about my son... I wouldn't change his genes or anything, I just wish I could find out how to help him and make his life a little easier. I *love* him to bits, he's awesome!

  2. I'm right there with MarsupialMama - I totally love this, too! My son has lately been saying that he wishes he didn't have Asperger's because things would be easier and maybe people would like him better. The thing is, I love him just the way he is. He amazes me every single day! And the best people in his life will see in him exactly what I see - and more, because I know that I haven't yet learned all the amazing things about him. I want to print this out for him and tape it to his wall, so he can remember he's amazing, too. (And thanks to you, too, for helping me be a better mom to my terrific kid.)

  3. I'm shocked that Fuzzy would entertain an idea such as that! I'm glad he came to his senses. :-)

    Hey Matt, remember the "Opposite Sketches" on You Can't Do That on Television back in the 80's? It sounds like Fuzzy should get his wish and find out just what it would be like to be "NT Fuzzy" for a day.

    Hmm, or would be "It's a Wonderful Asperger's Life" instead? A new holiday classic!

    Clarence: Your friend, Baffle Giraffle, is sitting at home, alone and discouraged.
    Fuzzy: That's a lie! Baffle Giraffle founded our support group! He got the Autism Medal of Honor! He helped us with his humor and wisdom!
    Clarence: He didn't help anyone! Baffle Giraffle wasn't there to help them, because you weren't there to help Baffle Giraffle. You see, Fuzzy, you really had a wonderful Asperger's life. Don't you see what a mistake it would be to throw it away?

  4. Rosemary, thank you too! Oh my, who knew this post would be so popular with parents? And here I've gone and made it PG-13 with Fuzzy's distaste for Doctor Who... Well, parents, feel free to leave out the first panel, or let me know if you'd like an alternate version!

    Jennifer - great idea! Hmm, will have to give that some thought.

  5. "Your best friends already do." <3


  6. Despite all my griping I do on AS, I wouldn't change a thing about myself. My girlfriend is Aspie too. Neither one of us wants the other to change.

  7. No worries on the PG-13 ... my aspie *is* 13 (though he did comment that your post was not only "inappropriate" but also "awesome" and he said to tell you thanks :-) and then asked if he could fan you on Facebook.

  8. Ah, that's good. Inappropriate and awesome? Cool, that's what I aim for here. ^_^

  9. Matt,

    A couple of things.

    First, I work for an organisation who Advocate for Aspies (go, us!!!) and have sent a link to your site to all of my colleagues (hope you are cool with that).

    Second, I have written a blog entry today that you may want to swing by and read. I have been blogging for a number of years, but today's post was a bit - erm - scary. If you are curious, please go take a look.

    Btw, don't ever change. You totally ROCK! :)

  10. Dith, thank you! It is a wonderful post, thanks for sharing. Of course you may share my site - I am happy to help, and best wishes!

  11. Fuzzy is a total Brony. Don't get him started... "It's an awesome show! The writing is so good! It's awesome, so just shut up! Friendship is magic!!"